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Q. I’m trying to monitor the replication status of a Tarantool server and need some clarifications on a couple of replication statuses. The way I see it, they mean the following:

follow - replication is in progress, no issues, off - this server is a master and no replication is configured for it, stopped - ?, connecting - establishing connection to the master, auth - waiting for authentication from the master, disconnected - ?

Do I get their meaning right? Also, can you explain when I may encounter stopped and disconnected? I can’t catch them without knowing when to expect them. (2017)

A. Check the documentation for - it describes what each status means and when you may expect to see it.

As for status monitoring, here’s how you can do it: Basically, this script connects to a Tarantool instance via console and checks if the replication status is follow.

You may also want to track the replication lag.


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