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Q. I have a question regarding converting an already running instance of Tarantool into a master.

I have an instance that has already been running for a few months and has accumulated some data. From what I understood by looking at the config when it was first brought online, it had no replication parameters specified, and the write-ahead logs were disabled (wal_mode=none).

I'd like to convert this instance into a master and connect a new instance as another master in hopes of getting a master-master setup in place.

Is this feasible? I tried reconfiguring the already running instance with replication parameters so that it will act as a master, and then started a new instance to be added using the same replication parameters. However, the new instance always fails saying that the cluster UUID does not match - it seems to generate its own cluster UUID instead of picking it up from the older running instance. (2018)

A. The general algorithm would be as follows:

delete all data stored on a replica; set replication{uri_to_master} in box.cfg{} of the replica; start the replica; change replication on both nodes to include both nodes' URIs.

The alternative is to explicitly set the master's cluster UUID when bootstrapping a replica. You will need to delete data on the replica for it as well.

More information on UUIDs is available here:


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