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Q. I was reading this article again: And it says “reads per second = ~20k”.

I recently spoke to Dennis Anikin at the Nginx conference in Austin, Texas, and he said that Tarantool can do up to 1 million reads per second on a single core.

Do you agree with Dennis and if so, what was the bottleneck in your test where you only got ~20k per second?

A. To get 1 million, you might want to try this benchmark:

The fundamental difference between HTTP and Dennis’s benchmark is that Dennis's benchmark uses the capabilities of our asynchronous protocol.

HTTP is a request-response protocol, so there is a huge overhead of multiple context switches for every request.

Dennis’s benchmark represents the best-case scenario of Tarantool usage - a client asynchronously sends requests to a socket, using a single connection.

The fewer connections you have, the better performance you get with Tarantool. Ideally, you would have a single connection per client machine and send everything within this single connection.

If you put HTTP on top of Tarantool, then it harms the performance.


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