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This wiki collects content from the Tarantool Telegram channels. As such, its information is more ad hoc and crowdsourced than the official documentation, which it is meant to augment—not replace in any way. However, many of the Tarantool maintainers and other Tarantool experts contribute on Telegram, so the information here is good. Please join in the discussion by posting content or commenting.

More info:

1. A year by a question means that the question was added when this wiki was established in 2018 (although it collects Telegram information starting in 2016). Any questions added after the establishment of the wiki have datestamps.

2. Multiple questions on the same topic include a number at the end.

3. All categories include only one level of subcategory. In cases where a third level of subcategory is required, underscores are used to delineate. Correspondingly, hyphens divide up terms within a category/subcategory level. Note that in some cases, Tarantool commands already include underscores (i.e. “memtx_memory”), so in those cases underscores were maintained.

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